Celebrate with style.

Two unique studios combine to create one incredible experience.

Jazzylicious vibe.


THE Gallery studio


All WOWs as the baby grand plays on its own. Vintage Hollywood glamour with a speakeasy feel. Located in a warehouse decked out to the max with 16' brick walls, hardwood floors and a spiral staircase that leads to a cozy little loft. 

  Chicago meets Philly. The perfect couple.

entry foyer.jpg

 F O Y E R

A fabulous entry foyer connects both studios with a serving bar for your beverage delights. A tiered waterfall adds a cool touch to the atmosphere, requesting conversation.

Talk, baby, talk.


J Street

The world is yours here.

An evening in Paris.

Mardi-Gras in New Orleans.

An Italian Piazza.

No passport needed.

Expect the unexpected.

We are a world of secrets hidden within an office warehouse complex and re-purposed art studio.

Super cool stuff.

Pure magic.


600 stars are twinkling overhead as you marry, and rose petals fall from the "sky" after you are pronounced.  Like butterflies,  petals float down over you - marking this wonderful beginning of your new life together. 


We can squeeze up to 100 guests for ceremony seating in our room under the stars, if

your reception is in cocktail party format with a variety of seating options for your guests.

For a formal dining reception with all guests seated in one area, 50 is the max we recommend.

Overflow seating areas are available, but spaced throughout the venue.  

website photos.jpg

It's all good.

Birthdays, reunions, anniversaries, sunny days, rainy days, puppy dogs,

ice cream and potato chips!


photo hall.jpg

Inspiring Spaces


To THINK outside the box, it's best to MEET outside the box. 

Creative thinking follows creative surrounds.

Numerous set up options and breakout areas available for your brainstorming pleasure - including meeting equipment, supplies, toys, snacks and helpers.

Full and half day rates available in either studio or both combined.



Darden meeting pic.jpg